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Cake Stands

We have several different styles of cake stands that are simple gorgeous. These stands will make your cake look like part of your beautiful decorations. The exquisite designs in the stands and the stunning crystals will add glamour to any event.

The stands come in different sizes so make sure that when you order your cake stand that you are getting the right size. If you need to, check with your baker for the size of stand that will fit your cake. We might not have another size available if you have the wrong size and we do not give refunds on products that are purchased that are the wrong size.


Sizes are approximate.

Vase Sizes we can provide
Silver rectangular stand Rectangular Silver Plated CakePlateaus - Top diameter measures 14" x 17" - overall is 17" x 20"
Silver round cake stand Silver Round cake stand has a 19" diameter round top
Silver round cake stand 22" Plateau Silver Plated cake stand nicely handcrafted-6.25 " tall (including feet) x 21.25" across- 22" x 6.25" x 21"
4 - tier Cupcake stands - wire holds up to 41 cupcakes
Crystal round silver plated cake stand. 22" diameter is round and has a 4" high height
Square crystal silver plated cake stand Measures 18" x 18" square that has a height of 4"
LED water fountain cake stand 18" diameter with Roman Columns that measure 13-1/4" in height, 5-columns----fountain measures 12.5 inches in height and 10 inches in diameter, 110-124V AC electric
Party Fountain w/colored lights 12-1/8 x 12-1/8" x 22"
Chocolate Fountain holds up to 4 lbs. of melted chocolate and creates an elegant flow from all 3 levels
Cake Stands

product on the large picture above

Silver 17" x 20" rectangular stand - $52.00

Silver Round stand 19" - $37.00

Silver Round 22" cake stand - $63.00

4 - tier cupcake stand-sold

22" Crystal cake stand - Sold

18" x 18" Crystal Square cake stand


LED Fountain Cake Stand - $30.00  

Chocolate Fountain - Sold

Punch Fountain - $25.00    

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